This book is an exploration of mereology and reference, as applied to our experience.  It uses that framework to describe the basic model of cognition: a model of our experience, which is a combination of indirect realism and cognitive psychology.  Various topics in philosophy are described in terms of that model, especially those that have direct effects on our health and happiness.

“I wrote this book, and the person quoting me here is taking credit for it.”
        Randall Monroe

“Are you apathetic toward the saccharine goodness evangelized by sentimental, superstitious fanatics, but equally bored by the intellectuals who worship at the empty-headed shrine of scientific materialism?”
        Rob Brezsny

The most recent version of the book is version 1.1, and was released on September 1.

The book is in the public domain and all proceeds from book sales are donated to charity (after all, a major premise of this work is that our minds belong to the world rather than our egos).